Thursday, November 1, 2018

Relationship Issues: Short out your issues with loved one’s with the help of astrology.

Now days we often feel very disturbed in our relationship. We work hard to have a healthy and happy relationship with our partner, friend or siblings. However our all efforts go waste and things become so complicated between us. These all occur due to difference in nature, behaviour & personality. You are not alone in this world who face such a hard time in relationships.  With the help of astrology you can make your relationship joyful and unforgettable without face so much trouble and conflicts. 
We all are aware of Zodiac signs and it’s compatibility with other one. Today I will tell you how to find your most compatible sign and also give you tips how to make you relationship fruitful and filled with joy. Let’s go through one by one zodiac sign. 
Aries is fiery by nature the most impatient sign of Zodiac Belt. They get short tempered very soon and retaliate quickly randomly. Arians are spontaneous and adventures in nature. They enjoy learning new things and getting opportunities. They easily get bore without movement in this life and hate stagnancy. They love and live for change and excitement and gets bored easily too. If things go into their routine or daily tasks then they probably gets bored by that. These guys want the quick response of anything and want to get noticed by others. They need to practice maximum patience and be calm by nature to be live happy love life. They should also need to learn how to balance between things or situations.
Taurus is second in sequence and earthy sign by nature and taureans are extremely stubborn and set in their own ways always. They are not flexible and want things to happen according to their terms & conditions. They quit very easily if they don’t find stability and romance in any relationship. They need to learn flexibility and try to be open minded in love relations. They act very slow take time to decide right and wrong for them and get stuck over anything for a longer period of time. It also seems that they invest on love relations for future purposes. Their stubbornness can be blessings as well as challenge in few occasions.

As Gemini is number 3rd sign in zodiac circle and is dual by nature, Geminians are belonging to dual nature. They always swing between yes and no they are also not very firm on their stands. Due to this, they need somebody who can cope up with them day to day tasks. They get bored very frequently, that’s the thing which you should keep in mind while choosing your partner. Geminians mostly seems like a robotic by nature, and as a result, they are seen to deal their emotions mechanically. Others become judgemental very soon for them due to their activities and nature. Sometimes because of this, your partner or other people around them feel that they as a cold and distant. They should apply serious efforts to maintain their emotional intelligence healthy, if you wish to have a happy relationship.
Natives of Cancer sign are more sensitive and emotional person. They care for their partner and loved ones. Safety and nurturing the relationship is utmost priority in relationship for Cancerians. They are very perfect to express their feelings before your partner. Likewise everything goes right from their end. Even after, when the time comes, they may be wrong for that someone, the reason for this to being their overly sensitive nature; which can’t be handled by everyone and he or she feels so much suffocation and imprisonments in relations and feel difficulty to enjoy relationship. Relationship is all about learning process and you need to deliver a lot of love before you loved one or partner. You should give freedom and liberty to others so that they can also enjoy.   
Leo born natives are very passionate in relationship and having intense personality. They always want to dominate their partner and want things happen according to them. They present themselves as a leader and winners in every situation; this is their quality. They know how to manage things according to their comfort. Such guys want very exciting and passionate partner in love matters and have very much expectations from her or him. They get short tempered and feel very uneasy when others don’t fulfil their expectations. They should keep in mind that no one can be intense every day.  They will have to understand this very clearly and don’t expect same excitement and passion from their partner every day.

Virgo born natives are always like to be on the ground of reality and deals things practically. You like to be a perfectionist and want same from his partner. It is a good quality, but sometimes, things may go difficult and become worst when things don’t go as per their expectation. It pushes such guys into deep anxiety and worry. Sometimes, they overanalyze things and find mistake in themselves too, this behaviour may not go well in your relationship matters as they analyze thoroughly every aspects of their partner and also they highlight the flaws of their partner a lot, which can be the area of concern for them. Such guys should be little bit flexible and chill in every aspects of life. No one is perfect in this world, we should accept others with their weakness and try to help her or him to get the rid of his weakness and turn it into his or him strength.  
Libra born natives always pay a lot of attention on relationship than any others. Librans are well known for balancing things. They always see on both aspects of the coin, hence they face some difficulty in making right decisions in their relationship. They always hang between right or wrong; shall I do it or not. This is their main problem. Such guys’ thinks a lot before making any decision. You always see your replica in your partner and want all your qualities within her or him. Sometimes, Librans start throwing everything in the air, when they don’t find new but this is not very to take relationships for a long way. They know how to balance out things in an appropriate manner and apply it into practical to avoid issues in relationship.
Most mysterious sign in the zodiac belt is Scorpio. Others fail most of the time to judge them. Such guys don’t trust others very easily but once they start doing trust they have blind faith on others and this indulge them in to problems several times. Such guys shouldn’t open up their secrets with others. They love somebody with full dedication without any condition and deserve for it. They should be more open in relationship and start trusting others. If they fail to learn this it’s quite possible they may lose their soul mates. So they should learn it as early as possible.
Sagittarians like freedom and be open. Because it is a fiery sign such guys becomes selfish in some occasions. They are very adventurous by nature and have several varieties in relationships. Though freedom is important for them, so they should learn to identify their partner’s likes and dislikes. Love is the name of scarification not demand. It doesn’t have any condition. They should try to balance between freedom and responsibilities. True love is always unconditional. They should avoid thinking about themselves in every aspect of life.
Capricornians always keep very positive and stable approach towards their relationship with others and try to put this approach with their partners also. But you also have a little bit dominating approach; but somehow it turns into a bitter and unforgettable experience. They should try to understand love can’t be long lasting in dictatorship attitude. They should also have to learn feelings and emotions of their loved one’s. They should be broad minded and give some space to their partner in order to feel them comfortable. They should give them equal treatment in relationship and allow them to enjoy it. Their partners also deserve it.
Aquarians are made for partnership and friendship. They can do anything to prove themselves a good friend and a good lover. They believe in team up and cooperation with their partner instead of thinking like any collaboration in business and what benefits and outcomes can be. They don’t mind any special relationship over a casual one, but they also don’t feel like stick to one, reason being they want to pull away themselves without any explanation from any relationship because sometimes they feel very frustrated and take some wrong decisions. They need to learn how to pay attention to their loved one’s and also need to take care of their needs as well to sustain or to live happy and healthy relationship.
Being the watery sign of the zodiac Pisces born natives like to be daydreamers. Pisceans need to be connected to root and need to live in a real world. Day dreaming is looks good in fantasy not in practical life. If they want to fix their relationship issues, they need to come back to reality rather than thinking about something which does not exist. Pisceans are needed to stay grounded and avoid doing any stupid activity which may cause trouble in relationships. They should always ready to face reality of life.

Friday, October 12, 2018

How an astrologer can inspire a native to walk on the righteous path which is decided for him according to astrology?

A native come to an astrologer for his reading to get the rid of his struggle, bad fortune, bad time and many more problems. We, as an astrologer have to do some predictions while reading his horoscope. Prediction is very essential part of astrology no one can ignore it. 

But we should also tell him some remedies and secrets so that he starts to putting efforts to nullify his previous deeds. After all until unless his previous sins will remain his won't get permanent solution of his problems. Horoscope gives us clear signal what to do and not to do. Every horoscope has some sensitive points which can help us to determine righteous path for a native. 

Some times we see a native is very righteous in all manners and doing remedies and other things prescribed by Astrologer, but still he is suffering and not getting relief. Our scriptures has suggested to perform rituals of Punyah Vachan and Prayashichit under guidance of very satwik and noble aacharyas. Because some previous bad deeds need some special remedies to dissolve. 

We should also do a litmus test of Aacharya who is performing such rituals. because if his doesn't has sufficient power (strong Aura) how will he able to clean you negativity.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Retrograde Venus and It’s impact on Us

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, harmony and compassion, going into retrograde motion on 5th October 2018 to 16th November 2018. This six-week period can be a very tricky and full dilemma for relationships. If a bonding between couple’s is not built of concrete foundation, they will experience turbulence and jerks. This period will also give them an opportunity to go back and do the necessary work. People will see who’s willing to put in that investment and who only shows up when things are good, fun and easy. Over all this period is going to be Eye-opening for them who are in day dream!

On a positive side, retrograde period of Venus could bring a refreshing pause (comma) for a short duration to the dramatic scripts of our love stories, it will help us to go back and regain perspective. It will also give us an opportunity to do self analysis “are we really finding ourselves into suitable romantic role?” And if not, what can we do to redo or change a less-than-stimulating plot line?

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it gives us signal to turn inward first: retest and realign our motives, sculpt our hidden desires, even it also exhume few past demons with whom we haven’t fully dealt yet. It gives us a chance to redo, rethink, recollect, reconcile, revive, reunite, repair and restore.

Retrograde Venus give us lens to check people’s intentions and reality, rather than with rose-coloured filters. That can be strife at first. But is your chief complaint a deal breaker or is there something to learn here by addressing those issues together? A wise therapist we know once said, “It’s not that successful couples don’t have conflict, because they do. It’s how they work through it that determines the strength of their relationship.”

Now let us go though how retrograde Venus would impact your sign specifically and know how to navigate it with grace and finesse.


A long-lost love could resurface again in your life, but it’s time may not be right? Single guys should use this period to really think about what expectations they have from their partners or loved one. If any friend or relative is taking up the huge share of your time and energy, the your should try to put a little bit more space in the relationship and reserving that room for a romantic relationship instead.


This is going to be testing time for partnerships and partners to get an overhaul or at least, a short span of duration under the microscope. You could struggle to feel in sync with others, or might finally bring up a sticking point. You should be proactive and solution-oriented instead of just complaining or blaming for situations or people. Resolve old conflicts and seek closure with an ex. You may watch for a self-critical or controlling streak during November. The planet of beauty sounds the call for self-care, nurturing your body and spirit will be the best retrograde remedy. Revamp your beauty and skincare, as well as your diet, switching to natural and organic options.


Retrograde Venus could incite stress fuelled body image issues or remind you to get back in touch with the “temple for your soul” by nourishing yourself and moving regularly. You should try to find healthy outlets like affirmations, gentle yoga for channelling frustration and book those overdue bodywork appointments. Even a quick massage for very short period could also be a game-changer for you. You should monitor your tendency to micromanage and nitpick your dear one, and steer clear of those fixer-upper types who always want advice but never have much to give in return.


Venus in your hot-headed and hot-blooded sector during October makes you loose cannon ready to fire. Your ex-boy friend or girl friend may contact you. I would like to advise you to proceed with caution to avoid messy entanglements. During November there could be something which may try to disrupt harmony with relatives, roommates or your living situation. If you’re going to renovating or redecorating, collect fabric and paint swatches and start a few pinterest boards, you should stay in the planning phases to avoid a costly design misstep.


There may be some heat during October, as a cranky Venus camps in your house of efforts and siblings. You may face some issues with a female, perhaps some mama drama or sibling rivalry. Double down on the self-care and affirming mantras, as your moods could swing wildly. During November tension with a sibling, neighbour or friend could disrupt your groove. If you can’t say something nice, bite your tongue.


Playing devil’s advocate is a dangerous game while Venus reverses through your wealth, communication and family house during October. You should choose your words carefully before delivering. You may face some struggle related to money and profession during November. I won’t suggest you to borrow or taking any type of loan from any friends or loved one. If you are planning about splurging on a luxury item for your home or wardrobe or any new vehicle, you should postpone until the retrograde over.


You may entangle in an arguments about money which could erupt you during October. Some misunderstandings may raise head with co-workers or clients. You should lock up minimise expenses through credit cards, impulse purchases could lead to buyer’s remorse, as your normally spot-on style and taste could miss the mark. You could feel yourself in misunderstood and confused state and may need to some loneliness for a while. You should fly solo and carve out more time for self. You can use this period to reflect on what are your expectations from your loved one and friends.


This is very suitable time to take a short break. You need to reconnect with yourself during this backspin period of Venus If you’re not feeling beautiful, desirable or magnetic, get really clear about what’s blocking that, and you should change your focus. A swoons worthy (but questionably trustworthy) type could sweep you to la-la land as Venus visits your fantasy house. Is this person really a wolf in dream-lover’s clothing? Slow down to avoid finding out the hard way. If you’ve been holding onto a grudge or resentment do the tough but necessary work of clearing that up. Forgiveness is not only divine; it will set you free from the painful grips of the past.


Wherever you go, there you are. Venus is in your 11th house of gain and friendships. Clean up your own romantic backyard instead of projecting blame on a mate or looking for the Holy Grail of lovers. You should reduce your time on dating apps while Venus retrogrades through this technology-driven sector. Maybe go mingle and meet people in the flesh instead? On a positive note, this could be a great time to reunite with cherished old friends.


Your team could lose steam as Venus back spins through your group sector until April. Experimenting with an open relationship or online dating could also go awry, so tread (and swipe) lightly. Office politics can consume you during November. You should be very careful about mixing business and pleasure. An attraction to someone significantly older or younger than you could pull you into difficulties.


Retrograde Venus in your paternal zone, resolve childhood dynamics before they taint your current relationship. You may have reservations about the future and need to pause so you can assess whether you want the same thing (and if you don’t, to invent some new long-term goals). You should avoid an office romance which may create question mark in your social reputation and dignity. In November, you may have craving for freedom. You should honor your independent spirit but don’t trample someone’s needs in your quest for “space.”


The world is usually your romantic oyster, but you may feel totally out of sync with new people until last of October, while retrograde Venus will make you risk-taking and cross-cultural connections. Committed guys could feel claustrophobic. If you are travelling, tread lightly with any vacation romances. In November, an ex-lover could resurface, tempting you into a taboo tryst. Feeling frumpy? Reconnect with your sensuality (think: massage, dancing, an undies-drawer revamp). Do the inner work to feel attractive again, instead of getting mixed up with a player.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Omen or Sakun technique of prediction

There are so many techniques in Astrology for making prediction. When native’s horoscope is not available at particular time astrologer give answers of his questions using prashna kundli or Omen/ Sakun technique. We know it as Nimitta also. Let us discuss about it’s importance and process to use this technique. 

Such people or even those have faith on Astrology as well as Astrologer with whom they are consulting, can take the help of Sakun or Nimitta. It’s a real divine guidance of nature. It never fails and helps an astrologer to deliver correct prediction, but one who is delivering predictions should be satvik and connected to God. He should know how to use his senses to observe signals of the nature and interpret in correct way. He may be fails some time at initial level but if he keep trying and practicing it with having faith on God. He will definitely be master on this technique. Some scholars give it very much importance and treat it superior then Dasha system. 

So many books are there in which described how to start prediction process through Sakun. One who has to take the decision after noting the sakun should pray his isht dev or isht devi or someone else whom he or she has faith. At the time of question what predictor listen or see will help him to deliver correct perditions. Take care of one this that there should be everything natural nothing should be artificial or one should not create artificial sakun, like at the time of asking questions or delivering prediction, no one should ring the bell or any other artificial activity, let the allow sakun to nature.

If the cat were to come before you while prediction, you should forget everything and give up the attempt. If a cow comes you should carry on. If anybody comes with idol of God, carry on. Even if you are sure that you will come with fortune. If any widow comes, stop. If you hear the sound of the bell, carry on. If the light is put off by strong wind or and storm comes or electricity lights fails due to fuse of the wire or failure of the current, it foreshadows negative results, give up delivering predictions. Similarly there are thousands of Sakuns or Omens.

Varahmihira says that an omen reveals the fruition of his deeds, according to good deeds and bad deeds done in the previous birth. Omens are not superstitious beliefs. Actually they are very correct indications. Sa-gun means good quality. That is why this method of finding out the truth is called sakun.
There are so many other Sakuns and omens, which are rural, wild, aquatic, terrestrial, heavenly, diurnal, nocturnal and diurnal-nocturnal.

These sakuns needs intelligence to interpret. If it is properly interpreted, this is superior to sakun and will be more appropriate and explanatory.

Friday, July 27, 2018

अस्त ग्रह

आकाश मंडल में जब भी कोई ग्रह सूर्य से एक निश्चित दूरी में या उसके अंदर आ जाता है तो सूर्य के तेज से वह ग्रह अपना तेज व शक्ति खोने लगता है जिसके कारण वह आकाश मंडल में दिखाई देना बंद हो जाता है, उस समय इसे अस्त ग्रह की संज्ञा दी जाती है। प्रत्येक ग्रह की सूर्य से यह समीपता का मापन अंशों में किया जाता है तथा इस मापन के अनुसार प्रत्येक ग्रह सूर्य से निम्नलिखित दूरी के अंदर आने पर अस्त हो जाता है :

१. चन्द्रमा सूर्य के दोनों ओर 12 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं।
२. मंगल सूर्य के दोनों ओर 17 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं।
३. बुध सूर्य के दोनों ओर 14 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं। किन्तु यदि बुध अपनी सामान्य गति की बनिस्पत वक्र गति से चल रहे हों तो वह सूर्य के दोनों ओर 12 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं।
४. गुरू सूर्य के दोनों ओर 11 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं।
५. शुक्र सूर्य के दोनों ओर 10 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं। किन्तु यदि शुक्र अपनी सामान्य गति की बनिस्पत वक्र गति से चल रहे हों तो वह सूर्य के दोनों ओर 8 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं।
६. शनि सूर्य के दोनों ओर 15 डिग्री या इससे अधिक समीप आने पर अस्त माने जाते हैं।
७. राहु-केतु छाया ग्रह होने के कारण कभी भी अस्त नहीं होते हैं।

अस्त ग्रह निर्बल हो जाता है और वह अपना फल सूर्य के माध्यम से प्रदान करता है। अस्त ग्रह को बल प्रदान करने का सबसे उत्तम एवं श्रेष्ठ उपाय उस ग्रह का मंत्र होता है। उस ग्रह के मंत्र का निरंतर जाप करने से अथवा उस ग्रह के मंत्र से पूजन करवाने से ग्रह को अतिरिक्त बल तो मिलता है, साथ ही साथ उसका स्वभाव भी अशुभ से शुभ की ओर बदलना शुरू हो जाता है और जातक को उसका शुभ फल प्राप्त होना प्राम्भ हो जाता है। कुंडली में किसी अस्त तथा अशुभ फलदायी ग्रह के लिए उसके बीज मंत्र अथवा वेद मंत्र के सवा लाख मंत्रों के जप से पूजा करवानी चाहिए तथा उसके पश्चात नियमित रूप से उसी मंत्र का जाप करना चाहिए जिस मंत्र जप के द्वारा ग्रह की पूजा करवायी गई थी।

Horoscope for the month of August’18

Every month brings new opportunities and joy as well as some tough time. Each month teach us a lesson. Let us see what month of August brought for us.  


You will have to work without any outcomes which will put you into pressure during this month. This month you should work under the guidance of your superiors, getting their advice will be very helpful for you.  You may indulge in a thrifty deal which will be very costly for you. You should not expect much more from your friends and family.

 If you are love birds, this month bring you some good moments to have heart to heart, but I am again saying you should not expect too much from her or him also. If you will have expectations from anyone you will have to remain empty- handed.
Most important guru-mantra from me for married couples; you should learn to trust your spouse and should understand her or his feelings. Both of you will enjoy happy and bliss full marital life.

Month of August will bring some good news in your professional life you will be able to achieve expected success. You should respect other’s opinions. I will advise you to stay away from arguments at home with other family members and handle all situations with wisely.


Taurusean’s  will celebrate a great auspicious occasion at home; friends and family will participate in it enthusiastically. If you are a student, you will have to study regularly and put your maximum efforts. This is perfect time to prove you.  You will have to settle down family disputes as soon as possible to get peace of mind. You need to be health conscious and take controlled diet.

You will spend good time with your spouse and enjoy some memorable moments. This month both of you will indulge in great bonding between you. Your partner will do best from his side. 

You will feel very tired during this month and their health may needs to be looked after as you expand the scope of your work and assumes to take so many responsibilities on your shoulders. You will have to accomplish lots of things at your workplace. People will know you by your work style and this will become your USP. Never commit to anyone if you are not able to fulfil it. If you do such things you will lost your reputation in the market. You should know people surrounding you.


You will get respect from everyone. You will have to learn how to control your temperament and be careful of while driving. You shouldn’t breach speed limit. Landed property matters will progress during this month. You should take family matters seriously and take decisions carefully because your decisions will affect everyone in the family.

You should boost up your self confidence rather than trusting others. My tip of the month for you to learn how to control on your tongue and if you will be able to learn it; you will avoid many troublesome situations.

You may have a little bit hard time in your married life. Both of you will have to handle situations wisely and I hope you are able to deal them.

Do proper home work before executing any business deal. You will get some good news in the second half of the month; stars are in your favour. Your word will carry weight. You should take others advise before making financial deals. Students should take advantage of opportunities which they got; be punctual and strict on your study planning and timetable. You will have to make lots of efforts in your workplace. You will also get support of government, higher authorities and all related work will flow smoothly.


You work with more enthusiasm as the expected opportunity at work presents itself. You shouldn’t disclose about your schemes and decisions and try to maintain confidentiality. You shouldn’t neglect your health issues especially stomach related problems. Travel related tiredness and illnesses are possible. Strictly follow a diet plan for your health. Avoid transactions among your acquaintances. You should spend some time with your friends and family and try to cut down your hectic schedule.

There may have an auspicious event or get together at home. You all will witness of enjoyment all around. You should try to control your obstinate, hasty behaviour. In academics, you will have to get into a practice of regular study. Play those games that are intellectually challenging.

You should ready to compromise and be flexible in love relationship and try to not to hide anything personal secrets of your previous and current life from your spouse. You will have to put maximum efforts to nurture your marital relationship.


You should not to indulge yourself in arguments with other’s especially friends. You may meet someone special who will be your loved one, but you may face troublesome time in your marital life. Both of you will have to manage things wisely and try and feel your spouse happy and deliver some loving dialogues with your spouse.

You should be ready to shoulder increased responsibilities during this month. You should be sincere to finish the tasks once you undertaken. You should give your best to finish the tasks and reach goals you have set earlier. If you are a student then you need to stop going out and need to stay away from bad company.

This month your will full of confidence and get desired success in your professional life. Due to excessive work load you may stay away from home and excessive travel may happen. You should closely monitor the happenings on your financial front. Try to fix the misunderstandings in work place. You will defeat your enemies very easily.


You will enjoy victory and happiness in all aspects of life, professional and personal. Your vision and talent will lead your path of victory. Your vision will be Steer clear. You will get huge success in minimum efforts because your stars are very favourable this month. Your all stagnant work will pick speed completed without obstacles. Your financial condition will improve and you will get help and support of your friends and family.

You should not come under anyone’s influence while making financial plans. You should understand value of money and should not misuse it. Atmosphere at your home will be good and energetic; all members of your family will enjoy good time with each others. You should take care of your elders in the family especially your parents.

Anyone can make mistakes and you need to explain with your loved one went wrong in mild words. You both need to learn to trust one another. You will feel good when you help solve your spouse’s problems. Don’t try to rule others you are not a dictator. You should give respect to elders and try to learn from their experience.


This month is sending you signals of taking decisions for you. This is the time to show no more tolerance for others from interfering in your life. You will feel satisfaction in the work place and will deliver your best.

This month will give your opportunity to work hard with full dedication towards your study for students; if you do it successfully no one can stop you to taste the success; and yes you must avoid shortcuts.

Your family issues will raise head suddenly and you should have to manage things wisely. You will be surrounded with friends, family and dear ones. You should learn to respect the independence of your loved one and speak politely with your spouse.

You should try to understand his or her problems; it will help you to maintain marital harmony. You should throw a surprise party or give a surprise gift to your spouse and make her feel happy.


This month will bring you joy and happiness in all aspects of your life. A very long awaited happening will take place during this month. You will see huge increment of income but your shouldn’t ignore superiors advise otherwise it will detrimental to your interest.

You will be able to checkmating your opponents very easily. You will have to remove all the obstacles of your study with intelligence. You should try not to waste time in unproductive works and take all your financial decisions after homework.

You should be careful while doing business transactions. There are huge chances to block your money. You will make good amount of money in business and will try to further expansion of it.

You should try to finish the work which is in your hand before deadline with perfection and use tactic of smart working at your workplace. You should be ready to shoulder much more responsibilities then as of today.


You will have to do very much struggle during this month even a minor task will need a lot of efforts. You should let you down by a little failure; you will have to do big work. One of biggest hurdles in your success is your harsh tongue and due to this outcome will not be in your favour.

You should try to eradicate misunderstandings in the family. If you are a student; your will taste the success as result of your previous hard works and efforts. You should be indulging in self satisfaction because you have to go long way.

You should fulfil marital responsibilities toward your spouse; give him or her proper time and take care of him or her; because you both are two wheels of the chariot, if one of them stopped working problem will arise. You should understand very small need of your loved one and try to understand her or his feelings. Both of you should give equal respect to each other’s ideas and thoughts.


You should stay away from overconfidence it may be dangerous for you. You should have some precautious during this period. You shouldn’t ignore health issues and visit to doctor immediate and take medical advice. You may suffer from old health complaint you needs to be looked into a permanent cure needs to be found.
You will enjoy good relationship with your spouse and will spend some memorable time with her.

You should discuss financial matters carefully and take appropriate steps. You should also seek others help from elders and much experienced persons while taking financial decisions. You should try being made home atmosphere full of joy and bliss and you should not allow anyone to spoil it.

I will advise you to drive carefully, you should not breach speed limit and follow traffic rules.

Your efforts will not get fructified of getting new job or profession. Your first priority is to be established this time. You should not take unnecessary risk by choosing a new job. No matter what your area of work is, try and reach your goal gradually.


During this month you will be much happier than previous one as you successfully attain your goal. You will get huge success in minimum efforts in your professional life and you will remain miles ahead from your opponents. You should not let create differences with your friends. You should try to live in real world, daydreaming is not for you. You try to be a realistic one who learns from practical.

You should take care of your parents and their health. You will have very harmonious marital life and will enjoy good time with your spouse. You should give her or him surprise by arranging a candle light dinner.

You should change your financial tactic according to the situation and test people before you get into financial dealings with them. It will be best to get expert advice in written matters or contracts before signing them. You should clearly know your financial strengths and weakness before conduction business. You should put your maximum efforts instead of wasting time in daydreaming. You will be very ambitious in your professional life.

If you are a student than you should give up pride and ego and try to study hard. You shouldn’t waste your time in hobbies and unproductive activities and should concentrate on studies.


I am seeing some unexpected and undesirable event during the first half of the month, this month is going to be very favourable and promising for you. Second half of the month will witness achievements to your satisfaction.

You should not take your health issues lightly and don’t try to take any risk with your life. It’s quite that you may have to face dome family issues; your responsibility is to avoid them. Work like a bridge among other family members and make sure to establish a dialogue.

Some tensions may arise from marriage front; you should handle situations carefully.  You should not get hyper and will have to manage everything.

Students should need to take charge of studies on their hand if they want to progress, and prove themselves.

You should be more careful in real estate deals, so there would be no further problems. You should face troubles and obstacles bravely Instead of giving up on before them; you should show some gumption and defeat your troubles. But still I won’t suggest you to take unnecessary risks.

Financially this month is very good for you. You will get good amount of money from your workplace.

Lunar Eclipse on 27th July 2018

Month of July will witness two most important astronomical events; first one will be Solar Eclipse on 13th July which will not be visible in India, and another one will be lunar eclipse on 27th July 2018. It would be lengthiest lunar eclipse of the century. It will start from 11:47pm on 27th July 2018 to 03:49am on 28th July 2018. Moon will become dark red (blood Moon) at 01:52am and will remain till 02:43. It will last till 3 hours and 55 minutes. The biggest lunar eclipse of the last century was in 26 July 1953 and it’s duration was 5 hours and 27 minutes. During this eclipse blood moon could be seen till 101 minutes.
            The bold moon in this lunar eclipse will start in last two ghati (48 minutes) in uttrashada nakshtra and remain till approximately eight ghati (165 minutes) in shrawan nakshra. So this eclipse will be slayer for those natives who took birth in last two ghati of in uttrashada nakshtra and first quadrant in shrawan nakshtra. This eclipse will be very slayer for especially natives of Capricorn nakshtra.  It will also create some troublesome situations for some VIPs and rulers. During this eclipse Mars, Moon and Ketu is sitting in Capricorn sign in under direct aspect of Sun, Rahu and Mercury. Saturn is sitting in sixth house from Rahu, Sun and Mercury and being main cause for politicians and rulers.
There are huge possibilities for natural disaster in the country and civilians will suffer. Moon is under aspect and in conjunction of malefic planets will create problems for politicians of the country some of the may be punished by court and some may be face defame. Some part of the country will face drought like situations.
Some important events during this lunar eclipse:

Penumbral Eclipse begins            27 Jul, 22:44:47
Partial Eclipse begins                     27 Jul, 23:54:27
Full Eclipse begins                          28 Jul, 01:00:15
Maximum Eclipse                           28 Jul, 01:51:44
Full Eclipse ends                              28 Jul, 02:43:11
Partial Eclipse ends                        28 Jul, 03:49:00
Penumbral Eclipse ends               28 Jul, 04:58:38

 Effect of Lunar eclipse on each sign.
Aries: This lunar eclipse will bring good news and time for Aries born native. Long pending issues will get resolved. You may get new job or promotion in existing job. If you are a businessman you may start a new project or gain huge profit. You will make new immovable assets as well as liquid cash.

Taurus: You should learn to control on your feelings. You shouldn’t accept others interference in your work not you should interfere in others work. You should act in considering reputation of your family in society; your one wrong step can ruin your family’s reputation in the society.

Gemini: You will suffer from others. Your neighbour, relatives are waiting good time to insult you. You should take care of your health, visit to doctor and take proper medications. This time is not very favourable for your health.

Cancer: You should take care of your siblings. This is the best time to show your feelings towards others. Until unless you won’t show your emotions to others how will they get to know how much you love others. You should especially take care of your spouse. Don’t ignore her health issues.

Leo: You will get other’s support. You will enjoy your increasing popularity. If you are in politics, you will enjoy huge success. Suddenly you will get fame and money from your work.

Virgo: You will be suffering from unknown fear. Relationships will be at bottom due to your tongue. You should be careful about your health. Some issues may arise in your personal and professional life.

Libra: Don’t keep negative thoughts in your mind and try to be positive; it will help you to remain calm. You should read good literatures. Be someone’s company at the moments of depression.

Scorpio:  Your name and fame will touch new heights, but you will suffer from unknown fear. Long pending work will get finished. You will get success in competitive exams and get a new job if you are unemployed for long period.

Sagittarius: You should take extra precautions while money transaction. You will be full of emotions. If you are a lender; your may face difficulties to get your money back. It may be blocked for some period.

Capricorn: This lunar eclipse is very inauspicious for you; try not to go out of home during eclipse and chant mantra of your ishta dev. You should avoid to take risk in your personal and professional life; and take care your health.

Aquarius: This eclipse will give you monetary profits; but at the same time you may be get cheated due to your emotional nature. This may have bad impact in your reputation.  You should take care of your soul mate.

Pisces: You may get promotions or new contract and will get favour and support from government authorities. This eclipse is very good for you in term of professional and personal point of view.                                      

Natives who born in Uttrashada and Shrawan nakshtra should not see this eclipse it’s very inauspicious for them. They should chant mantra of their isht dev on the bank holy river and offer donations to needy peoples.